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GATE 2016 Syllabus

GATE 2016 Syllabus gives the topics needed to be studied by the aspirants for each of the 22 papers that are available under the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2016. Candidates may note that the Syllabus for GATE 2016 will be broadly mentioned topic wise and candidates have to prepare according to the discipline they choose to write the GATE 2016 exam in. Given below is the Syllabus for the GATE 2016 Papers.
For any doubts and questions related to the exam pattern, preparation and other related queries, students can call the GATE 2016 Exam Helpline at 011-40360360.

GATE 2016 Syllabus
  • Candidates may note that the General Aptitude (GA) will be common for all the papers
  • To check the Syllabus for GATE 2016 according to the exam paper, candidates can download the corresponding syllabus in PDF format below.
Syllabus for General Aptitude (GA)  Download

GATE 2016 Paper
Download PDF
GATE 2016 Paper
Download PDF
Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Geology and Geophysics (GG)
Agricultural Engineering (AG)
Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
Architecture and Planning (AR)
Mathematics (MA)
Biotechnology (BT)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Mining Engineering (MN)
Chemical Engineering (CH)
Metallurgical Engineering (MT)
Computer Sc. &  Information Technology (CS)
Physics (PH)
Chemistry (CY)
Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)
Electronics and Communication Engg (EC)
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Engineering Sciences XE)
Ecology and Evolution (EY)
Life Sciences (XL)

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Tips-How to Prepare for GATE 2016?

The Graduate Admission Test in Engineering (GATE) is an All-India level examination for aspirants who are interested in pursuing Masters/Direct PhD in India or Abroad. More than 12 Lac students had applied for GATE 2015. These figures send the message clear and loud that if you are aspiring for admission in top institutes like IIT, NIT, IISC etc. or a high paying job in Public Secor Undertakings (PSU) you need to work hard.
Now this number may increase in 2016 and GATE 2016 can see around 15 Lakh applicants!
But why would this number  increase? There has been a considerable dip in the placement figures when we compare it with last year. Institutes like IIT Bombay are also facing the heat of global slowdown. Companies have postponed the joining dates for the candidates hired on campus. Read an article on Engineering Placements 2015.
For any doubts and questions related to the exam pattern, preparation and other related queries, students can call the GATE 2016 Exam Helpline at 011-40360360.

But before we start, here are 3 Mantras for you to keep in mind:
  • If you are a student who has studied in an average rated engineering college in your undergraduation (BE/BTech) and always criticized and cribbed about your college, THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Give it a good shot and prove your worth by cracking GATE 2016!
  • Unlike CAT, where your previous academic and non academic performance matters along with work experience, GATE is based on scoring well in a single exam and provides you an open ground to compete. You can beat the students from top engineering colleges like IITs/NITs etc. with your efforts.
  • Don't feel depressed if near and dear ones don’t consider you worthy of cracking GATE.  If you really want to do it, DO IT. And if you doubt yourself please drop the plan to appear in GATE and find some other option that fascinates you.

The First Leap!1.The First Leap!
Firstly, start believing that GATE 2016 is your goal. Till the time you don’t really believe that GATE 2016 is your GOAL all the planning and management will turn up to be waste.
The first step would be to ensure that you have read all the information about the exam, its pattern, eligibility, syllabus etc.
Make up your mind for the preparation. This seems like a light statement but merely reading the preparation strategies would get the exam modalities clear for you. What we are discussing with you here in this article has to be implemented with whole hearted efforts.
If you are currently pursuing your qualifying degree/recently completed it, you are already in touch with the study environment and concepts & topics. Use it to your advantage.
Click Here for all you need to know about GATE 2016. Bookmark this page and visit for all the latest updates related to GATE 2016.

Use Proper Resources and Books2. Use Proper Resources and Books
Selection of books is very crucial. Ensure you have opted for the right books and material. Consult with the faculty at your coaching institute or college for the same as well.
Buy previous year question papers with solutions so that you have a proper understanding about the paper pattern. Ensure that you completely solve the previous year questions properly. Since GATE 2016 comes with the new online pattern for the first time, you need to refer to the old pattern resources at the moment for previous year analysis.

Plan your study well3. Plan your study well
GATE covers the syllabus of roughly 3-4 years of Engineering (Considering the subjects and concepts of First year comes as part of the application) so some subjects have a higher weight age than the others.
Analyze the focus area subjects as per your branch and the level of command you have on the subjects. Keep the syllabus of GATE 2016 handy and plan your timetable as per the syllabus only. Keep in mind that even if a subject has lower weight age compared to others, it also contributes to the question paper.

Manage the syllabus and topics4. Manage the syllabus and topics
Never have the mindset of ignoring some specific subjects completely. The moment you build this negative mindset you will not be able to cover these subjects till the end. Do a realistic allocation of time for each subject. You need to cover each topic thoroughly because the syllabus is huge and questions can be asked from anywhere.

Make concise notes5. Make concise notes and ready to revise material
Always keep short notes of each chapter which you can revise often. They will be very helpful in the last 30 days when revising directly from the book would be difficult.
You may follow it the way you want- underlining the important details, highlighting the key points, having a separate notebook for key information and formulae, making flash cards for formulae and key points, short forms or remembering the details with the initials of a song or any other new way which makes you learn the topics well!

Test yourself frequently6. Test yourself frequently!
Once you cover a topic/subject, refer to the GATE previous year papers and check your level to know where you stand. Don’t refer to solutions after one failed attempt. Give 2-3 attempts before you decide to refer to the solutions.
If you feel some topics are still weak and can be improved with revision don’t ignore it. Prepare yourself in the best way for those tough 3 hours in the exam hall.
If you have enrolled for some Test Series, it will help you to have a regular check mechanism of where you stand. This will be self analysis and will help you to know the areas that demand more efforts.
If you have not enrolled for any test series with an institute you may apply for the same online or purchase a book/CD/DVD for self practice. Be honest to yourself because if you are doing it at home you are not being proctored. You may ask your parents to ensure you have a peaceful silent environment for the test.
Analyze your performance in mock tests such that you  understand the topics you were not able to attempt or those that consumed a lot of your time.

Complete the preparation on time8. Complete the preparation on time
One of the very important things is to ensure that you complete your syllabus on time. Avoid being in a situation where you miss some chapters or a subject completely. Plan your studies accordingly and time it well.
Ensure that you complete your syllabus at least 45 days before. Start solving sample papers and appearing in Mock Examination frequently in this period. Ensure you revise all your topics in the first 30 days of this 45 Day timeline.
In the last 15 days solve GATE previous year questions and attempt more mock papers.

Time Management9. Time Management-The Success Mantra
Time Management sounds like an easy task but is very complex. Have you made timetables in the past? And how many times did you strictly followed them?
If your answer is NO, given below are some points to understand how to do plan properly for GATE 2016.
Make a month-wise plan on what topics you will be covering and when. If you have joined some coaching institute, they will give you a schedule as well. You can plan as per the same too.
If you have not joined any classes, there is nothing to panic. Make your own plan. If you want to ensure you are doing it right or just to make yourself feel better, discuss it with friends who have joined some coaching and compare the same.
Make a daily timetable. And paste it on the wall exactly in front of the table you study. Now that you have made a timetable, ensure you follow it.

Cut off time from less important activities10. Cut off time from less important activities
Figure out the less needed activities. They may be sleeping overtime, TV, internet, partying etc. It’s okay to skip these activities or reduce the time you invest in them for the goal you are working for.
Stop using the internet beyond the limit. 2 hours are more than sufficient to track any exam updates, surf internet, use Facebook or for other recreational activities. Also, It’s not a rule to watch a movie every weekend! If you have that habit, put a pause on  it for this year. It will give you proper time to manage your studies.
Mark the words: It is not tough to crack GATE! All you need is a certain level of commitment and dedication. Give GATE 2016 Preparation your best attempt. We wish you good luck.
Have any queries? Please ask them below and we would answer!

PSU Hiring through GATE 2016

As has been the trend in 2015, recruitment by the Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) through GATE 2016 has already started (details can be checked below). All GATE 2016 aspirants must apply within the specified dates for each PSU. All candidates interested must note that only GATE qualified candidates will be considered.  Careers360 bring all the details pertaining to the PSU recruitment through GATE 2016 on this page.
Many Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) are increasinglyconducting their recruitment through Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and in accordance with that, will be releasing separate recruitment notification for recruitment through GATE 2016.

Latest:  Applications are available for many PSUs. Check below for the list and click the corresponding link to apply.

For any doubts and questions related to the exam pattern, preparation and other related queries, students can call the GATE 2016 Exam Helpline at 011-40360360.
Note: Admissions to the following colleges are now open. Click on the college to apply.
·         Amrita University
·          Jain University

Candidates who are preparing for GATE 2016 and are looking forward to a career in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) must apply separately for the vacancies as per the individual PSU notification.
PSUs like NTPC, HPCL, BHEL, BARC etc. and many more will be recruiting on the basis of theGATE examination score. The recruitment process will also include Personal Interview and any other process defined by the respective PSU. The detailed list of the PSUs hiring through GATE 2016 is given below.

About GATE 2016
The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2016 is an All-India Examination for admission into M.Tech./MS/Ph.D. courses in prestigious IITs, IISC and various other colleges across India. GATE 2016 will be held from 01 February 2016 to 02 March 2016. Application process for GATE 2016 has already started from 02 September 2016. Last date to apply for GATE 2016 is 08 October 2015. Click Here to know all about GATE 2016.

How to Apply to the PSUs through GATE 2016
  • Candidates can check the details of each PSU and its recruitment from the table below.
  • Candidates can click on the links to be able to check the other eligibility criteria if any and the modalities of the Application Process of each PSU.

The list of PSUs recruiting through GATE 2016 will be updated as and when the notification for recruitment is released.

Check the consolidated details about all the PSUs hiring through GATE 2016 below:
Name of PSU
Application Dates
Number of vacancies
Eligible Branches
Detailed Information
Commencement of online submission of application to POWERGRID (Tentative):January 7, 2016

Last date of online submission of application to POWERGRID (Tentative): Second week of February 2016
Will be notified soon.

Electrical (Power) /
and Electronics/
Power Systems Engineering

HPCL-Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for HPCL: 18 December 2015 
Applications are available now!
Last date for online registration of application by candidates for HPCL: 12 February 2016
Will be notified soon.

Mechanical/ Civil / Electrical/ Electronics
/ Instrumentation

NHPC Limited
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for NHPC: 07 January, 2016

Last date for online registration of application by candidates for NHPC: 21 January 2016
/ Electrical
NTPC Limited
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for NTPC: 20 December, 2015
Applications are available now!
Last date for online registration of application by candidates for NTPC: 18 January 2016
Will be notified soon
Civil /
/ Electronics
/ Instrumentation
BPCL Limited
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for BPCL: 20 December, 2015
Applications are available now!
Last date for online registration of application by candidates for BPCL: 31 January, 2016
Will be Notified soon
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for IndianOil: 18 December, 2015
Applications are available now!
Last date for online registration of application by candidates for IndianOil: 2 March, 2016
Will be Notified soon
Chemical/ Civil/
Computer Science & Information         Technology/ Electrical/ Instrumentation/ Mechanical/ Metallurgical
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for GAIL: 24 January, 2015

Last date for online registration of application by candidates for GAIL: 28 January, 2016
Will be Notified soon
Mechanical/ Electrical/ Instrumentation/ Chemical
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for MDL: December 18, 2015
Applications are available now!
Last date for online registration of application by candidates for MDL: January 31, 2015
Mechanical/ Electrical/
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for NFL: December, 2015

Last date for online registration of application by candidates for NFL: December, 2015
Chemical/ Instrumentation/ Materials
Will be updated Shortly
Link will be available soon
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for NLC: December 20, 2015
Applications are available now!
Last date for online registration of application by candidates for NLC: January 20, 2016
/ Electrical
/             Electrical &        
Electronics Engineering
/              Electronics &
 Communication Engineering /Mining
/ Electronics &    Instrumentation /      Instrumentation &     Control/
Civil /
Civil &
Structural/ Computer Science/ Computer Engineering /    
Information Technology
Application typed in specified format must be sent between January 1 to January 20, 2016
Electronics &     Communication/ Mechanical Engineering/Material Science/ Physics/ Chemistry
Vizag Steel       Plant
will be updated shortly
Metallurgy, Mechanical, Electrical etc
Click here to read more
Commencement of online Registration of application by candidates for GSECL: January 15, 2016

Last date for online registration of application by candidates for NLC: January 30, 2016
Electrical, Mechanical, C&I,   Civil

Students aspiring to make a career in the various PSUs recruiting  through GATE 2016 must visit this page regularly for the up to date information.

MECON Management Trainees Recruitment Through GATE 2013

MECON LIMITED, India’s frontline engineering, consultancy and contracting organization, offers excellent opportunities to Energetic, Vibrant, Ambitious young Engineering Graduates in Mechanical & Civil disciplines for the post of Management Trainees Technical (MTT).

MECON Management Trainees Selection Procedure:

MECON will be utilizing Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2013) scores for the recruitment of MTT-2013. All the interested candidates are essentially required to appear for GATE 2013. Candidates in the final year of engineering (2012-13) can also apply. However, their candidature will be subject to their passing the prescribed qualification and obtaining the prescribed aggregate marks. Based on the GATE-2013 score and requirement, candidates will be short-listed for personal interview for the position of MTT-2013. Candidates will have to separately apply online in MECON indicating their GATE 2013 Registration Number for which the online application system will be activated on 15.01.2013.

MECON Management Trainees Eligibility Criteria:

Management Trainee Technical:
Full time regular Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Technology from a recognized Indian University / Institute (AICTE/UGC approved) in Mechanical & Civil disciplines with minimum 65% or 6.5 (if calculated out of 10 points) in aggregate of all years/ semesters. SC/ST candidates should have 55% or 5.5 (if calculated out of 10 points) in aggregate of all years. 
Aggregate = Total marks obtained in all years/ semesters Total of full marks of all years/ semesters MECON Management Trainees Recruitment
MECON Management Trainees Age limit:
Upper age limit as on 31.03.2013 for General Category candidates is 26 years. Age is relaxable upto 5 years for SC/ST candidates, 3 years for OBC candidates and by 5 years for persons with disabilities (10 years for SCs/ STs and 8 years for OBCs) as per Govt. of India stipulation.

MECON Management Trainees  Vacancies 

MECON Management Trainees Recruitment

Out of the total vacancies, for reserved category, the seats are SC-6, ST-3, OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) – 10, PWD-1

MECON Management TraineesVacancies:

Reservation & Relaxation:
• Reservations & Relaxation will be allowed in accordance with Government of India regulations for SC/ST & OBC (Non-Creamy layer) and persons with disabilities
• Category (SC / ST /OBC/ PWD) once filled in the online application form will not be changed and no benefit of other category will be admissible later on. The reserved category candidates are required to submit
requisite certificate in the prescribed format of Government of India, issued by the competent authority, at the time of interview, if called for. 
• The OBC candidates who belong to “Creamy Layer” are not entitled for concession admissible to OBC category and such candidates have to indicate their category as General. The OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) candidates are required to submit requisite certificate in prescribed format of Government of India, from a competent authority issued in the current year. Further, OBC (NCL) candidates will have to give a self-undertaking indicating that they belong to OBC (Non creamy Layer) category also at
the time of Interview if called for.
MECON Management Trainees Training & Emoluments:
The selected candidates will be appointed as Management Trainee (Technical) and will be placed on the job training for one year. During training, Basic Pay of Rs 20,600/- in the scale of pay of Rs20600-3%-46500/- will be paid. In addition to Basic Pay and DA (IDA pattern), they will be eligible for subsidized accommodation, if available (or HRA in lieu), and Perks & allowances as admissible under ‘Cafeteria Approach’. Performance related pay, other benefits like PF, gratuity, medical facilities for self and family, leave/ leave encashment are admissible as per company’s rule. The compensation package on cost to company (CTC) basis would be around Rs 7.25 lakhs per annum. After successful completion of one year on the job training, the trainees will be designated as Asst. Design Engineer in E-1 grade and will be placed on probation for a period of one year. On satisfactory completion of probation period, they will be confirmed in the post of Asst. Design Engineer in E-1 grade. Please Note that placement of the candidates can be anywhere in India based on the job requirement. There is no Service Bond
MECON Management Trainees Recruitment Health:
The candidate should have sound health. Before joining, candidates will have to undergo medical examination by the Medical Board of our Company’s hospital (Ispat Hospital, Shyamali, Ranchi) and the decision of the Medical Board will be final and binding. No relaxation in health standards is allowed. Detailed medical norms are available on the website 

Application Procedure for MECON Management Trainees Recruitment:

The application is to be submitted online.
• For detailed information on GATE-2013, interested candidates may log on to 2013 or websites of other IITs and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.
• Candidates need to apply Online for GATE as per the information provided on the websites. They should wait for the admit card to get the GATE registration number.
• The candidates will receive their GATE-2013 Registration Number printed on their admit card.
• On receipt of GATE registration number, the candidates need to apply Online for the position of MTT-2013 on the website during January 15th to February 14th, 2013.
• Candidate belonging to General/OBC category is required to pay a nonrefundable registration fee of Rs. 1000/-. The SC / ST category candidate needs to pay Rs 250/- as registration fee.
• Candidates are required to pay the registration fee through demand draft in favour of “MECON LIMITED”, drawn at any scheduled bank and payable at Ranchi. This demand draft number is also to be filled up by the candidate during online registration. There will not be any other mode of payment of registration fee.
• Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Candidates are therefore requested to verify their eligibility before paying the registration fee.
• While applying Online, candidate should keep the scanned copy of their passport size color photograph, their signature and SC, ST and Disability certificate (if applicable) in JPEG format not exceeding 500 KB size each. 
• Read the instructions carefully and fill-in the On-line MECON application form giving accurate information including the GATE-2013 registration number and payment details including demand draft number. After successful registration, system will generate a Unique Application Number. Candidates are required to keep the printout of the Application Slip (containing Unique Application Number & the consolidated details as entered in the on-line MECON application form) which will be generated by the system after successful registration.
• Kindly send the self attested copy of the application slip along with the demand draft through speed post /courier to the following address
Recruitment Cell,
Personnel Department,
Vivekananda Path, Doranda,
Ranchi – 834002, Jharkhand
Ph: 0651-2483043

• After submitting the self attested application slip and demand draft to MECON, candidates can also log-in into their account through their Unique Application Number, to check the status of their application slip. • Please ensure that the GATE registration number, which is mentioned on your GATE Admit card, is filled up correctly. Name should also be filled up as appearing in GATE Admit card. No request with respect to the change in any data entered by the candidate will be entertained once the application is submitted successfully.
General Information And Instructions: 
• Only Indian Nationals are eligible to apply.
• The candidate should ensure that he / she fulfills the eligibility criteria and other norms mentioned in this advertisement as well as on the web site
• All qualifications should be from an Indian University / Institute recognized by AICTE/ appropriate statutory authority.
• No manual / paper application will be entertained.
• Candidature of a registered candidate is liable to be rejected at any stage of recruitment process or after recruitment or joining if any information provided by the candidate is false or is not found to be in conformity with eligibility criteria mentioned in the advertisement.
• The E-mail ID entered in the online application form must remain valid for at least next one year. No change in the E-mail ID will be allowed, once entered. All future correspondence would be sent via E-mail only.
• Process of short-listing will be on the basis of GATE-2013 score. Please note that only GATE-2013 score is valid for this recruitment exercise. GATE score of 2012 or prior to that is not valid.
• Candidates, if short-listed for Personal Interview, are required to bring their original GATE 2013 score card as received from the IIT, at the time of Interview.
• MECON reserves the right to cancel / restrict / enlarge/ modify / alter the recruitment process, if need so arises, without issuing any further notice or assigning any reason whatsoever.

MECON Management Trainees Recruitment Important Dates:

MECON Management Trainees Recruitment

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